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That is okay, I decided to add it here. It explains how the system can and will have an effect on your health. I love it. <3

ISAGENIX is a safe and easy to use health system that utilizes advanced nutritional technology to cleanse the body of impurities and replenish the body with optimal nutrients. It was developed by John Anderson, the formulator behind many GNC, Natures Way and Meta-Rex products with 26 years of experience in the industry and more than 2,500 products to his credit. Isagenix is the culmination of his lifes work and the line he saved for his own business. This series of products contain the highest quality natural botanicals, herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, minerals and protein in the correct proportions to first cleanse the body internally on the cellular level, then deliver the nutrition our bodies need for optimal health.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from this product since its debut in 2002, some with life altering results. What makes Isagenix such a unique and powerful weight reduction, weight control and health optimizing product? Isagenix addresses two factors which lead to excess weight and disease in a way that no other health and supplement company has. These two factors are ENVIRONMENT TOXICITY AND NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY.
We live in a world that is inundated with chemicals that were not on the planet in this quantity throughout human history. These chemicals are affecting our health.
* Commercially grown fruits and vegetables sprayed with an average of 72 insecticides,
pesticides and herbicides.
* Factory farmed livestock injected with hormones, steroids and antibiotics.
* Fish with elevated levels of mercury.
* Water and air are laden with chemicals, metals, bacteria and parasites. We may drink
purified water, but bath in unpurified water. Our skin still absorbs the chemicals.
Research shows that they are deposited into our cells, organs and blood.
Medical and scientific research is showing that chemicals and toxins lead to excess weight and obesity. Our body's protective response to toxins is to produce additional fat and water to coat and dilute them. We actually produce fat cells above and beyond those we are born with to protect ourselves against toxins. The more toxins in our system, the more fat and water we generate as a defensive response. We actually carry extra pounds of fat and water to harbor and dilute our body's toxic waste.
WHY IS CLEANSING NECESSARY? If you are not addressing the issue of internal cleansing, your organs may be slowly clogging and deteriorating. We change the filters in heat and air conditioning systems and the oil in our cars to prevent clogging and malfunctioning. We clean our pools and spas to eliminate fungus and bacteria. We brush our teeth and bathe our bodies because if we didn't they would become diseased. It is equally important to cleanse our internal organs. There are many colon, liver and kidney cleanses on the market. ISAGENIX is unique because it is a total body cleanse on the cellular level.
In addition to some genetic predisposition, as a society we are overweight because we eat the wrong foods, we eat too much food, we don't exercise enough and we lead stressful lives. In addition, parasites and residual buildup of chemicals and impurities lead to excess weight gain. We are an overfed, undernourished society.
The healthy fresh foods we may eat are grown in depleted, over farmed, Agra business soils. Fresh fruits and vegetables have only 40% of the nutritional value they had 50 years ago. Many foods are fortified with vitamins and minerals or this reason.
We often choose prepackaged convenience foods, fast foods, commercially canned or frozen foods. These are often filled with preservatives or irradiated to prolong shelf life.
The Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System helps you remove impurities and can help you release weight through nutritional cleansing and meal replacement shakes with high quality nutrients and regular exercise. Along with a reduced calorie, nutrient rich diet and exercise, cleansing is the missing link that helps you release weight and inches. There are four main products in the 9 day and 30 day Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems: Cleanse for Life, IsaLean Shake, Natural Accelerator, & IsAgenix Snacks. These products work synergistically to release impurities and unwanted pounds and inches. We will discuss the first two in detail.
Cleanse for Life: This aloe based mineral drink contains cleansing herbs and tea extracts as well as all the essential nutrients the body needs while cleansing. It helps in three specific ways.
1. Feeds the body essential nutrients it needs while the cleansing herbs are working on detoxifying the major filter organs. (liver, colon and kidneys) It contains Isalite, Isagenix proprietary blend of 70 trace minerals that are essential cofactors needed to help the body absorb other essential nutrients. It also contains specific preparations for cleansing the blood and lymphatic systems.
2. The Isalite trace minerals cleanse at the cellular level. They latch on to the harmful substances in our cells, such as, chlorine and carbon monoxide and pull them out so the water we ingest can flush them out of the body. Now the cells are rejuvenated because they are not encumbered by waste.
3. Contains enzymes, our body's nutrient transport system, which breaks nutrients down into usable units. The enzymes deliver the nutrients from the digestive system to the cells, organs and blood.
IsaLean Shake: This is a whole food with high nutritional density and low calories. It has an excellent nutritional profile for these reasons.
1. Pure whey protein, processed at a low temperature to preserve the nutritional value (un- denatured), from Australian and New Zealand cows, that have not been injected with hormones and steroids and are fed on grass that has not been treated with chemical fertilizers.
2. It contains all 18 amino acids which the body can't produce on its own and are the building blocks for every cell in our body. These amino acids protect the lean body tissue and mass, which is what all our organs are made of.
3. It contains Isalite trace minerals which are cofactors that help the body absorb and use other nutrients.
4. A comprehensive array of vitamins which the body needs on a daily basis.
5. A live enzyme delivery system which is activated when mixed with water to deliver the proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to our cells, organs and blood.
*The Doctors and Nutritionists on the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board all assert that you get more nutrition from the few sips of the Isa-lean shake then you would from all the food normally consumed in one day, even if you are eating a well balanced organic diet.

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