Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CRAVINGS- And what to do about them.

Just in case you were wondering if I am now a certified health GURU, I am NOT! HA! I have just been thinking about these issues for a LONG time, and I am finally finding ANSWERS. And that just tickles me pink. I can't help but share what I am learning, and hope to help someone else who is searching for answers about why their body is NOT cooperating in the healthy, lose weight, have energy, get rid of cravings game. If you haven't read my experience of how I conquered that yet, you can read it here and here.

I have thought or understood for quite some time that our bodies have cravings for a very GOOD reason. We are deficient in something! And guess what, we are NOT deficient  in sugar. However, our bodies send  signal to our brain saying we NEEEEEEEED something and instead of figuring out what we REALLY need, we rely on good old fashioned SUGAR to quell that thought and give us a little pep. Unfortunately, sugar just causes a big of cycle of crashes and highs that we keep feeding with sugar. And to make matters worse, our bodies can't distinguish between real sugar and artificial sugar and although our bodies NEED sugar to operate it doesn't need as much as we tend to feed. Thus starts a nasty cycle of eating sugar, getting high, crashing, craving sugar, getting high, eating sugar and crashing. Most of us, me included start this cycle EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. Oh well, I mean, I was on that team! So I can't say much in the way of condemnation to people who do it! I did it for 42 years!!!

I am NOT going to say I will never eat sugar again. Life without some sugar just isn't as much fun. But I have tried to steer clear of the beast since I started this journey of healing my body from the inside out.

I love this little chart:

Our bodies INDEED need something when our cravings start! THIS is what it needs! It's a simple chart with what your body needs to get over the craving you are having. Pretty simple. The problem is, most of us are so deficient and lacking nutrients that it is super hard to rectify that problem. You can read about why it is so hard to correct that problem here. One of the ways to cure these problems is through nutritional cleansing. I have talked about that here, but I am going to do another post on it today on info I found that I just stinkin' LOVE. I will link back when it is written.

Anyway ONE LAST ARTICLE that is a must read, is right here, and no, I didn't write it. So READ IT!


It mentions yin and yang foods. Basically foods that are high and low in acidic nature which I have already written about here!!!

Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it when all the research you do all coordinates with each other and starts to make sense! YES! I love that!  I feel like I am finally figuring out how to completely nourish and take care of my body. Some of you are probably saying, yeah, but you DON'T need a product to do that. And actually I kind of disagree! It's extremely difficult to do with our own food chain. It's nearly impossible to get all of your nutritional intake from eating. We would have to sit around and eat veggies all day. I'm serious. Having a "supplement" is a great way to help that issue! We are busy, and it is hard to incorporate clean eating into our lives. Food prep takes a LOT of time, so, having perfect nutrition in the form of a shake is and excellent way to go. Stay tuned for how we can cure the craving cycle.

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