Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cleansing- FYI

I totally pirated this from someone else on my Free2be page, but I will give them credit! I already wrote about toxicity and cleansing here.  But most people have tons and tons of questions about cleansing and if it is good for you, or NOT good for you! Here is what I found this morning.

Now the first part is talking mostly about how long your cleanse should be. Which, if you aren't doing a nutritional cleanse with Isagenix, it won't matter to you. I will highlight the most interesting articles below. Please click on the links! Fascinating!


I'm often asked about this. Here's a brief summary why: Day 1 = 20% deep cleanse 
Day 2 = (back-to-back) 80% deep cleanse. Which would you rather have?
Right, the 80% Here's why. Your brain needs approximately 4g of sugar every 3 hours... So on a cleanse day when your body sees it's not going to get fed the typical solid foods, your body starts taking the sugar from your liver, then it moves to your colon. By the time cleansing reaches your colon your 1st cleanse day is done BUT the rest of your innards are not clean. So, on day two, your body is seeking sugar for energy and targets your FAT...your toxic fat! Even athletic, lean people benefit from a back to back deep cleanse. It removes the toxins and impurities from the fat around your organs.
The day after your 2-day deep cleanse you feel ENERGIZED, SLEEP BETTER, LESS FAT, LESS TOXIC and much more. So let's lift our Ionix shot glasses and say CHEERS to back to back cleanse days. Your health and body will thank you profusely for it! I hope this helps …
The best way I can explain the difference in the 3 types of cleansing is by comparing the process to peeling an onion. The layers of onion represent the impurities in your body.
If you do DAILY CLEANSING, it is like removing the peel and maybe 1 layers of the onion.
If you do a ONE DAY CLEANSE, it is like removing 4 or 5 layers of the onion.
If you do a TWO DAY DEEP CLEANSE, it would be like removing 8 or 9 layers of the onion. The longer the cleanse, the deeper the penetration .
Remember to never cleanse for more than 48 Hours. After 48 hours the body becomes catabolic. Your body goes into a catabolic state because it needs protein, That is why it is always best to have an IsaLean Shake for your first meal after a cleanse.
A catabolic state can result in numerous undesirable side effects in the body, such as extreme fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and sleeplessness.
Here are your files for you best cleanse day results:
Cleanse Days:
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch…
Cleanse Day Tips: https://drive.google.com/…/0ByTVu8crtCv8RlNYSG10MU9VR…/edit…
Hourly Cleanse Schedule: https://drive.google.com/…/0ByTVu8crtCv8RmowZzdoVEVMV…/edit…
Cleanse your way to Flat Abs, Firm Arms & a Fit Body:http://www.isagenixhealth.net/cleanse-your-way-to-flat-abs…/
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Symptoms to Expect When you Improve your Diet: (PDF docment)https://drive.google.com/…/0ByTVu8crtCv8aG8wbHNGaVVJN…/edit…
The MAGIC of Cleanse for Life: http://isagenixpodcast.com/the-magic-of-cleanse-for-life/

Here is my favorite piece on cleansing : CLEANSE FOR LIFE BROCHURE

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