Sunday, August 16, 2015


Are the shakes good?

 I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan, but they are part of the system. Many people LOVE them. I have to say, the more my body comes into PH balance, the better they taste. There are also a myriad of recipes that you can use to doll up your shakes. If you try it, and you think they are nasty, chances are, your have high toxicity. 

Do you eat food??

YES! Not on cleanse days though. This was one of the things I didn't understand when I did Isagenix for the first time. I didn't eat any real food AT ALL, and I was bored out of my mind. I was so sick of shakes by day 30. I look at it more like this: I eat 5-6 small meals a day. TWO of those meals are shakes. If I don't feel like having a shake for lunch, I don't!! I have it for a snack!! Or I have it after dinner! Two shakes a day. That's it. Just make sure if you add up all of your small meals and shakes you are staying in your calorie goal. 

Do I have to eat the shakes? Or can I just cleanse?

The shakes are part of the nutritional program. I have no idea how the cleanse would effect you if you didn't have proper nutrition in your body before you start, and I don't wanna find out! I recommend both, for sure. They are nutritional meal replacement shakes. I didn't see results with the shakes alone because my body and metabolism were already "broken". They work best in conjunction with each other. 

How often do you cleanse? 

I cleanse two days a week, because I am in weight loss mode. If you don't have weight to lose, I would suggest once a month, or however often you feel like you need to rid yourselves of toxins. You can see more about that here: What is Isagenix?  Here's more info on cleansing from yours truly. 

Are you going to take Isagenix for the rest of your life? 

PROBABLY! Honesty, it's the best nutrition program I have found. And I've tried A LOT! And it's easier than most nutrition plans! It's not that restrictive! I mean, I could never do whole 30 or anything like that because it's too restrictive,  and then what happens when you're done with whole 30 and start eating regular food?? YOU GAIN IT BACK! Or you stop feeling as good! Honestly, they are kind of similar programs except the cleansing effect that the whole 30 has on your body happens two you in a two day time period instead of a 30 day period. I'll do two days, thanks! 

What does maintenance mode look like? Probably one shake a day and cleansing as necessary..I will continue to cleanse to keep my hip pain at bay. 

Is it expensive? 

I don't really think so. Do you buy nutritional supplements ? Medications? Do you already buy shakes of some sort? Do you buy food? Do you have to visit the doctor regularly because of medical problems? Do you take vitamins? Isagenix will replace all of those things, and will provide you with better nutrition. You will sleep better, feel better, have less sugar cravings, or NO sugar cravings! You'll save money from not eating out! And not eating crap. You won't spend any MORE than you're already spending.

How do I sign up and will you show me what to do? Call me, and YES!! I have found so much joy and satisfaction in helping people get healthy. I've started several friends already, and I love love love helping people feel great. You won't be alone, and you'll have the free2be page to help to. 

What are your favorite products? 

Sooooo many, but here are the pdf's of a few of the ones I use daily. They have totally changed my life. Have I told you I don't crave sugar anymore?!? Life changing! 

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