Sunday, August 16, 2015

In Comes Isagenix

 Isagenix tried to enter my life back in 2010 or somewhere around there! I was living in Arizona where Isagenix is headquartered and I was working in Pampered Chef! I did a Pampered Chef show for someone who was the VP of Isagenix at the time. He was convinced I would love the product and gave me a 30 day kit for FREE. Then, he walked away! He never told me what to do with it, or how to use it. I read the brochure, and did not use it all exactly as I was supposed to. I just used the shakes, and some snacks I think. I never even tried a cleanse. I was terrified of those. Isn't everyone? I lost 10 lbs. It was fine. I wasn't IN LOVE with the product. I mean 10 lbs was great for a a month! But I was tired of drinking just shakes and felt like I couldn't eat anything else! I got bored, and it definitely wasn't inspiring enough for me to "sign up" with them. NO WAY.

Flash forward to a few months ago. My friend Rachel Thomas, who, oddly enough was my Pampered Chef upline, called me and said I needed to try Isagenix. Honestly, I felt like she had missed the boat! I already lost my 40 lbs! And had decided that I probably was never going to lose another lb because my body is old, and wouldn't let me lose anymore. She called, called again, sent pictures of her success. I was genuinely happy for her! I wanted to support her in some way! So, I signed up. I was already using a protein shake (Shakeology) for the last year or so as part of my fitness routine. And I was using the greens (From It Works) as part of my nutrition program. I was satisfied with the things I had found. But, since I wanted to support her, I decided to just sign up with her and get my greens and shakes from Isagenix. I told her I used it once and that it hadn't really done much for me, but I was going to try it.

She put me on a facebook page called free2be (I've added many of you) It was a bunch of crazy Isagenix users. Pretty much a support page for users. They had a team leader named Tanya who would post videos all the time. I watched the page. It was a really positive place! I kept it. I figured I might as well since I had the product in case I had questions or something else. EVERYONE talked about cleansing. I mean EVERYONE! I was TERRIFIED of cleansing. It is such a scary scary scary word! What does it mean? What does it do? I decided I DEFINITELY could NOT do that, because I have 5 kids, and it would be a terrible tragedy if someone died because I got so angry and hungry. And plus, I work out 6 days a week, and how does ANYONE work out when they are cleansing! NO!

One day Tanya posted a video about how she worked out on a cleanse day.  I couldn't believe it. But everyone seemed to act like these "cleanses" we're no big deal. So, I finally decided to try one. I picked two days where I would be busy but not necessarily have to make meals for my family. I got myself geared up, and did it!! Was it hard? I mean, it wasn't Christmas!! But not as hard as I thought. Did you do both days? Yes. Do you eat? No, you don't eat, but you ARE feeding your body nutrition. It's just in the form of a liquid. Did you go to the bathroom a lot? I had to pee a lot, but not poop.(you know you wanted to know!) as a matter of fact, this is NOT A POOP CLEANSE!
You have to remove your mind from what you think cleansing to be, this is not it. It's not a colon cleanse, a liver cleanse, or anything else! It is cleansing on a cellular leve. It's basically a reset. Resetting your body from toxins. I'll talk more about that later. 

What DID happen? I lost 6 lbs. I did work out both days. Body pump and spin the first day, and yoga the second day. I was hungry, but not STARVING. I was not grumpy. Maybe a tiny bit, but not what I thought I would be. I had clarity, energy as a matter of fact, felt pretty dang awesome!! I'll explain some of the science behind that later. I so wish I would have had this amazing product when I started to lose weight a year ago. I could have been free of pain and sugar cravings this entire time!!

I did a cleanse each week two weeks before my cruise. Lost 4lbs on the next one. Lost 10 lbs before my cruise! 🎉 

I knew I'd gain some back on my cruise. Who wouldn't with two all you can eat buffets and a four course meal every night?  As a matter of fact, I gained 7. More than I wanted, but I'm not going to restrict myself on a cruise. I'm going to have a great time, and I did. 

About 6 days into my cruise I was trying to walk up a set of stairs and I was in sheer pain. I hadn't really noticed, but my hip pain that I had had for 8 years had not actually been bothering me for the past couple weeks, but was suddenly is a massive flair up. I knew for sure I was going to have to call a doctor upon my return. The day I got home I started another two day cleanse. I wanted to get back to where I was before I left, and although I wasn't thrilled about my weight gain, for the first time in years, maybe ever, I knew it wouldn't take me one month or even two months to get 7 lbs. off. It took me three days. My body had bounced right back to where it was. My body was healing, and my metabolism was working and I was finally rid of my hip pain of eight years! EIGHT YEARS!! Immediately following my first cleanse day, after the cruise, my crippling hip pain was gone. 

I have had hip pain for 8 years. I always assumed it was the weight I was carrying that was causing my pain, but I realize now, that I was actually inflammation that was my pain. Toxins in my body causing inflammation and causing joint pain. I can tell you right now, this is an awesome reason why I love ISAGENIX, but it's not the only reason. Other "side effects" of my cleanse were more energy, no more 3 pm crash, no more sugar cravings, and clearer skin. As a matter of fact, I get compliments on my skin all the time now!  And of course NO MORE HIP PAIN! I'm not sure which is the best result, but it's a tight race between no more hip pain and no more sugar cravings. I was a prisoner of both for many many many years. 

And of course the "side effect" of losing weight. Because of my nutritional cleanses, I have seen a number on the scale I haven't seen since after I had Abby. 217! I haven't been that weight in 14 years. And I couldn't be happier. Because of that, I have finally set my weight loss goal at my marriage weight. I can't wait to accomplish that! I finally feel like it is attainable. 

Honestly, my results were as baffling to me as anyone else, how was I getting these results? Why is nutritional cleansing so awesome? Will I gain the weight all right back? Will I have to be on Isagenix forever? I'll answer these questions, in my next post.

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