Monday, August 17, 2015


They say getting fit is 80% nutrition and 20% excersize. Do you believe that?  It's sooooo much more easy for me to go work out than be a disciplined eater all day, what kills me with "eating clean" is FOOD PREP! Geez Louise. Who's got that kind of time. Hardly any of us do! I've been sticking to a few favorite quick and easy snacks to keep me on track. 

So many people get hung up on having shakes, but you're really just "incorporating" shakes into your routine. I already was having a shake for breakfast.  I have been for about a year. So, that wasn't a big change for me. Now I try to get two shakes in, but I don't all the time. Here's my current routine. 

Pre-work out about 8 AM. I have an ISA pro shake. It's just a protein shake. (Not an isalean shake) I mix in greens or sometimes put them in my water with some replenish. 

Post work out about 11 pm: I have an isapro shake on weight days and an isalean shake on regular days. 

Snack 1 pm: I love apples and almond butter. I eat them once a day with Himalayan sea salt. Yummmmmmy.

Snack 3 pm: I have another snack. Sometimes it's an isalean bar, sometimes it's a cheese stick, sometimes it's a bowl of corn and bean salad, sometimes it's watermelon, sometimes it's snap peas and hummus.

5 PM: Dinner! 

Doesn't that sound horrible? Lol 
It's not. I really just mix in my shakes with whatever I am doing! If I want to go to lunch, I have my isalean pro pre work out, and sometimes I don't get my second shake in. It's okaaaaaay.. No worries. What I love about it is that I am getting COMPLETE nutrition every day and I don't have to worry about how many veggies I ate that day (hello 21 day fix, I love you, but you're time consuming and too hard to track) .  AND, because it's completely balanced in not having the sugar highs and lows all day, which has been a huge game changer for me! 

Yes, I eat a pretty healthy dinner. I always try to have a veggie, protein and carb. I go easy on the carbs. My dinner life hasn't changed much on this program. 

I love it! I actually thought about (briefly) becoming a trainer when I started getting fit, because I have a passion for helping people like me. It's HARD! And I know it! I wish I had found this program before I lost 40 lbs! It could have been so much easier! 😕 oh well. I got this text this AM, and it just brings me so much happiness! 

THAT Is awesome. I love that I can help other people on their journeys to getting fit! And feeling better!  More energy, no cravings, and weightloss! Who doesn't want that?!?

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