Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flexibility is Key!

When I tried this program the first time (back in about 2009) I had no idea that it was flexible. NO ONE explained it to me! I read the pamphlet. It said one shake at breakfast, and one shake at lunch and a sensible dinner. 

That was all I did. 

Every day. 

For 30 days. 

I had no snacks. 

I was bored out of my MIND with shakes. And determined I would never talk to anyone about Isagenix because it was so boring! Yes I lost 10 lbs. but BORING!! 

I didn't realize the wonderful world of flexibility this program provided for me!! I just realized flexibility is one of the reasons I LOVE the program! I realized it today when someone asked me to tell me what a shake day looked like. I realized it almost never looks the same to me! Here's what I wrote: 
Then I wrote this: 

See? Total flexibility!! I love it! 

Not to mention cleansing options! 

Look at all those options! What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? I love it! 

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