Sunday, September 27, 2015

Protein Powder-Why it matters.

I was at the gym the other day and two guys were standing around a machine talking about protein powder. It went like this, "Yeah man, whey protein is definitely better." Guy number 2, "Yeah, ya think?" Guy number 1, "Yeah definitely." Compelling huh!!! That really did happen and as I was listening I wanted to jump in there and be like, WAIT!! There's an even BETTER OPTION!! Un-denatured whey protein!  Un denatured whey doesn't go through that "cooking" process that other whey protein goes through. When whey protein goes through that process it kills the essential vitamins, nutrients and branch chain amino acids that help our bodies and muscles perform better and recover more efficiently! I can't remember the last time I was sore after a work out! Weird? NO! Because I use un denatured whey protein! 

Isagenix uses un denatured whey protein in all of their products, and they have several to choose from. Their isalean shake, which is actually a meal replacement shake with a full panel of vitamins and minerals as well as branch chain amino acids, and 24 grams of protein in each serving. 

They also have their ISApro shake. A straight up protein powder that does the job for pre-or post work out. That extra protein boost needed to build lean muscle mass and see the effects!! I cannot TELL you the difference I have seen in my work outs with Isagenix! I work out less, and have better results! When I first started working out, I used Shakeology. Shakeology does have a good panel of vitamins and minerals, but here's the straight up truth. Shakeology is not a full meal replacement at only 160 calories. Also, it didn't WORK! I've seen much more success with this product. As a matter of fact, I was on a 5 month plateau when I was using Shakeology.

You can google all over the place regarding shakes and meal replacements but the truth is, any reviewer is not going to have the full story on the Isagenix shake. This review:

Put Isagenix in their top three and it probably would have been number one if they would have taken into consideration two things, our member pricing, and the fact that we have ZERO ARTIFICIAL ingredients, the truth is, the industry is juuuust fine with adding fake sugars to keep calorie count down. Here is where Isagenix departs from the rest. We use REAL NATURAL SUGAR. Fructose. Derived from beet sugar to sweeten our shakes. Why no fake sugar? Because fake sugar still makes your body respond the same way as processed sugar. And the whole Isagenix system is designed to get you off the sugar roller coaster. Of course this looks bad to a "shake reviewer" but it totally makes sense if you're trying to clean your system up! 

Back to un denatured whey protein. Here's a few facts to consider. 

And of course personal results. 

The most distinct change is if you look at my trapezoid and my left shoulder muscles. Complete change in definition. That's just one month of Isagenix. And I LOVE IT!

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Yo-Yo

How many of you have lost and gained the same 5 lbs? Over and over and over and over again? I HAVE! As a matter of fact, I was looking over my health journey via My Fitness Pal. I no longer need to track my food because of the simplicity of this program, but I like to keep track of my weight. It's a great way to see progress, see where I've been and where I am going. I went to log in my latest weight, which is nice that every time, it's lower than the last time!! (212 now if you're keeping track!) and I saw this... 
From March 17, of this year, to July 23rd, I lost the same 5 lbs 3 TIMES!! 3!!! Why is this? Why can't we get our bodies to move past a plateau? SO GLAD YOU ASKED!! 

Toxicity. And Fat Cells. We store our toxins in our fat cells. They have no place to go because our body doesn't want them in our system so it nicely tucks them into our fat cells for safe keeping. 

When you lose weight, if you haven't rid yourself of toxins, you body says, NOPE! We need these fat cells bigger for all these toxins! We are NOT shrinking! (Drinking soda, eating sugar, and having processed foods all contribute to the toxicity of our body) But But BUT, I can't quit eating those because I crave them!! I know!! I was stuck in that same nasty cycle too! Good news, having a perfect nutrition program, will solve that craving problem, cleansing will solve that toxicity problem, and guess what? Your fat cells will SHRINK!!!! 

I never thought I could get past what I call my "married weight" and the reason I couldn't is because I still was eating all of these things and not ridding my body of toxins. When I did those two things, my body recovered, and has happily been losing weight ever since. 

The great news is, this is NOT just a weight loss program. Using this exact same system will help your body heal  in many different ways. (Think my hip pain of 8 years!) If you don't believe me, try it. you've got a 30 day money back guarantee. 

This is what MY FITNESS PAL looks like now. 

A steep and steady decline.  No looking back. No Yo Yo-Ing. No wondering why I can't move past my plateau. And yes, Isagenix is a SYSTEM! It is all used in conjunction with each other. So many people ask me, can I just cleanse? NO! First of all, I don't want you to fail, and you will if you don't get proper nutrition along with cleansing. You also need to be ready to change your habits. You can't continue soda and have success either because you are just throwing those toxins that you rid yourself of BACK INTO YOUR BODY. So, no. You can't just cleanse. It won't be worth it. 

Don't be afraid to re-claim your health. It's the most liberating feeling in the world!  

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Results are so so so fun! I get texts and messages all day long of people reporting their success to me. When I started losing weight, I had almost considered being a trainer! I loved lifting and I loved seeing the results! Since I was frustrated by my plateau, I never actually went through with it. I thought, if I can't coach myself through my OWN plateau, (and trainers couldn't either) then I wouldn't want to do that! 

I finally had a chance to put together some before and afters. All together on the system, I have lost 10 lbs (18 if you count the lbs I gained and lost AGAIN from my cruise!) But honestly, the biggest change I've seen is in my shape. I've lost 16 overall inches! It's crazy! Here is my arms before on top and after below. 
The change here is slight, but not to me. Because I have been lifting weights for an entire year and I am FINALLY seeing the shapes I want. 

If you can't tell, look at my shoulders where my traps meet my shoulder! There's an actual divet there now! And I know it's hard to tell, but my biceps are bigger too. 

My "problem" area is obviously my belly, and I felt like I wasn't making much progress until I saw this picture. Actually, I knew I was making a LITTLE progress because my shirts on longer "caught" on my belly. But this picture says it all! 

And of course my face.
No more chubby cheeks, no more double chin. Love that! That's the best. 

I've signed several people so far, and I get lots and lots of results texts! Everyone is on a different journey, and has different amounts of weight to lose, but I'll share some of my favorites. 
Kenzie is down 17lbs and 32 inches!!! 
The rest of my texts are just that! TEXTS! 

And that's not even all of them! LOVE! I hope I get to coach you!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Killing Sugar Addiction One Person at a Time

I love love love love Chalene Johnson. She  is a beachbody instructor, but now, I see her moving away from the Beachbody brand, and really just saying she's an internet and marketing coach. Trying to help people improve on their network marketing skills. ANYWAY.... lol


She's funny, she's personable, that's why she is successful. I subscribe to most of her stuff, and she posted this the other day. Cutting and pasting here;

Today, I want to talk to you about how to gain self-esteem and its connection to losing weight. Now, I don’t think it’s any surprise to realize that, that the respect we have for ourselves is closely tied to how we treat ourselves, how we treat our bodies, and how we allow others to treat us in relationships. A great way to gain self-esteem, is to act and respond to situations in a respectful way. You make the effort to make the right choice. Not just because people are watching, not just because someone might find out, but because it gives you pride… but because inside you’re proud of the decision you’ve made. You didn’t take the easy route. You took the right route. It’s not always complicated, but it is sometimes difficult.
 Often times, people, they take the easy route and that’s how they end up ten pounds overweight, twenty pounds, fifty, a hundred. That’s how people end up divorced. That’s how people end up with children with major problems in terms of behavior, because of taking the easy route when the child cries and throws a tantrum.  It’s much easier to say, “Okay, fine, here, we’ll do this.” It’s sometimes more difficult to do what’s right. But, in the long run, you will have more respect. You’ll have more respect for your body, for your relationships and all the other areas of your life.
 In order to improve your self-esteem and respect yourself, you’ve got to make the right decision, whether people are watching or not. You’ve got to feel good about what you’ve done and the choice that you’ve made, whether it’s the decision to go exercise, the decision to eat right, the decision to engage in negative addictions or poor behavior choices. The decision to hang out with the right people to do what’s difficult, to do what’s challenging, but to do what you know is right.
 Each time you do that, you build self-esteem. As you continue to build that self-esteem, It becomes easier and easier because it becomes a habit. Making those right decisions, doing what you know you have pride for, is a habit and that habit will build upon itself. You’ll feel your esteem grow. You’ll feel your self-respect grow. You’ll feel yourself actually having an easier time with making those difficult decisions. Believe it or not that’s going to help you with your journey to lose weight or maintain the weight loss. Make the right decision… I know you can do absolutely anything! I say it every week and I mean it! It does take thought, it does take stopping yourself and realizing I’m worth it, I need to respect myself, I need to make the right decision for me. I deserve this!

EVERYTIME you do this for yourself, you build SELF ESTEEM. Okay, I never really thought I lacked self esteem. I totally believe this is true however, I used to completely JUDGE people who ate healthy. THEY ARE SO DUMB! They need to live a little! UGH! They are NO FUN! That was me, I said those words. 
The reason why I said those words, is because my body was BROKEN, and I did not have the power to FIX IT. So I was JEALOUS! I am here to tell you, I have had sugar since I have been on Isagenix. And I will probably never not have sugar. I just love it too much, But, I eat much much much much less, than I used to. Actually it isn't even comparable. Because I was always chasing that sugar fix to keep me going. Here's the difference. I don't CRAVE it anymore. I just don't! It doesn't have the same effect/or reward on me anymore! It is POWERLESS.  Why? Because I have healed my body to work properly. I was stuck, in a gigantic cycle of eat sugar! CRASH! Feel okay, CRASH, eat SUGAR! CRASH. It was U.G.L.Y. 
I never ever ever in a million years thought I would be the one who was trying to stay away from sugar because it made me feel worse. Or because I don't want to dive into the cycle. NEVER! Ask anyone who knows me. That was NEVER EVER EVER ME. I was always the first one to a sugar party! FOR SURE. But I have found in healing my body that I would rather NOT start that cycle again. I was just texting with someone today. And this is when I realized that I am changing people one sugar addiction at a time.

Bye Bye sugar addiction! Don't believe me? TRY IT!

I don't do MLM's

I have a question. Why do people say that? Um, okay!! You don't have to! Who said you HAVE to sell Isagenix? NO ONE! 

Can't you just use it? YES! 


But does that honestly mean you don't want to try it? Just BECAUSE it's an MLM? You bought Pampered Chef! Lularoe! You bought other things that were MLM! Why weren't your scared to try those products?

This is it in a nutshell. I found a product that WORKS! 

If you found something that ACTUALLY worked after YEARS of trying to find something that worked, wouldn't you want to tell people? Okay, just checking. 

Flexibility is Key!

When I tried this program the first time (back in about 2009) I had no idea that it was flexible. NO ONE explained it to me! I read the pamphlet. It said one shake at breakfast, and one shake at lunch and a sensible dinner. 

That was all I did. 

Every day. 

For 30 days. 

I had no snacks. 

I was bored out of my MIND with shakes. And determined I would never talk to anyone about Isagenix because it was so boring! Yes I lost 10 lbs. but BORING!! 

I didn't realize the wonderful world of flexibility this program provided for me!! I just realized flexibility is one of the reasons I LOVE the program! I realized it today when someone asked me to tell me what a shake day looked like. I realized it almost never looks the same to me! Here's what I wrote: 
Then I wrote this: 

See? Total flexibility!! I love it! 

Not to mention cleansing options! 

Look at all those options! What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? I love it!