Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oprah- Again.

totally stole this pic from Paige.

I posted a reference to Oprah on my other blog this week. Who would have thought that I would do it twice in one week! I am definitely NOT an Oprah bandwagoner, but guess what? Oprah is getting on MY bandwagon! However, I think it is probably for different reasons.

Oprah challenged all of her employees to go vegan for a week. The showed the episode yesterday. At the beginning, they focused a lot the killing of the beef, how it is done. Etc. I really liked this part of the show. I am definitely NOT an animal rights activist, but, it was interesting to know how it is done, and I hope more meat factories act like the one on her show today. It seems like they are honestly sincere about it, and I think that is great. Or, at least they picked the right spokesperson. Another reason to watch Temple Grandin as well.

Anyway, I haven't even watched the rest of the episode, but I am sure it is a great crash course on how and why you should go vegan. I would say I am a lot like the first guest on the show. I totally think it is a better idea to really limit your meat intake. That said, I still eat it. And for me, it is not an animal thing, (although I do love animals) or a diet thing, but more of a health thing.

With all of the disease in the world today, I think that a large portion of it has come from what we are taking into our bodies. I for a long time, I have kept away from pre-packaged foods. Limiting crackers and packaged food as much as possible for my family, or trying to keep what they are eating in the 'real' zone. I banned fruit snacks years ago. I still love baking, but feel like baking something is still better than eating oreos. (Although, I love those too- but haven't bought them in years either).

So, have you tried it? I am still in motion. Still working on it, and learned that it is difficult to stay on top of when you are out of town, or super busy. We all reach for something fast now again. But, everyday I am getting more confident in the importance of this as a principle for my family. If there is some little thing that I can do to protect them from the world a little bit more, I am definitely for it!