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Jim Rhoades explaining proper nutrition

Sometimes I find amazing gems as I am trying to learn and train myself on this system. I know what it has done for me, but sometimes it's difficult to explain tot others why it is so effective! 

Here's a wonderful description of WHY IT WORKS. 

Jim Rhoades Bio



Formerly Jim was the President and CEO of an international nutritional company and in that capacity was taught by some of the world's top biochemists, nutritionists, and master herbalists for more than a decade. One of his duties as the president of that nutritional company was to be aware of the newest products and technologies of all other companies. He was well aware of the quality of his competition.



He left that very lucrative position to work with Isagenix on a full time basis. He is a former member of the Isagenix Field Advisory Board. He is the recipient of the 2007 Spirit of Isagenix award. He is an internationally acclaimed educator, nutritional counselor, and motivational trainer. He has written many articles for health publications and is a popular guest on many radio shows.



He was invited to speak at a symposium at Harvard Medical School with representatives from over 50 universities. His subject was “The state of nutrition in our foods today and why we need nutritional supplements.” He and his wife Kathy are the proud parents of 8 children and have 12 grandchildren. He makes his living making a difference in the lives of thousands of people. 




“I have no medical degree, I do not diagnose nor prescribe. Isagenix is not a medicine and not meant to cure anything. It is a food and is meant to nourish the body.”

                                                              - Jim Rhoades




Below is the Transcription of his Seminar Presentation :



"The human body is the most incredible creation on earth.  It has the ability to maintain and create good health and well being.  There are between 60 and 70 trillion cells in the average human body.  That is eight thousand times more cells than the number of stars in the milky way galaxy.  Each cell is made up of over one quadrillion molecules, which is one hundred thousand times the number of stars in the milky way galaxy.  The human body indeed is a living, working miracle.



One of the miracles of the human body is that it replaces almost all of those sixty to seventy trillion cells every seven years.  With the exception of the nerve and brain cells, you get a brand new replacement to the entire body evey seven years. This does not take place all in one day, however.  What does happen is that each day   billions of cells are replaced.  If the new cells have the necessary building blocks to build a healthy cell, then the body can be renewed.  If the building blocks are missing, you will have a degenerative cell, which can result in a degenerative condition, or we start aging.



If we allegorically compared building a human cell to building a two story home it might look like this; we hire the finest contractor, the best carpenters, cement finishers, framers, plumbers, and electricians.  Then we order top of the line products.  The day of construction arrives and all the workers are ready.  The trucks start to arrive.  The first driver announces to you and the contractors that they have run out of lumber.  There are no more 2x4’s, 2x6’s or any lumber.  However, they have brought you a large load of sticks.  Knowing the nails will split the sticks they also have brought you a large supply of glue.  If by some miracle the craftsmen can make your house with these products, what will happen when the first wind storm comes through?  If we simply understood what our individual cells need on a daily basis to rebuild we would never deliver a load of sticks and glue to our bodies.



Just what are these building blocks?  They are a series of nutrients and phyto-nutrients known as water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes, and fatty acids.  The human body requires a minimum of ninety of these nutrients on a daily basis that it cannot produce on its own.  These ninety essential nutrients have to come from our food source. 



I was  invited to Harvard Medical School to address the topic of the condition of our food  and why I felt it was important that we add food supplements to our diets.  My discussion explained that most of the foods we eat are missing many of these key nutrients.  Without these nutrients, or building blocks, our bodies are out of balance and they start to break down.




The biochemist mentors I have worked with have taught me that the essential ninety nutrients which the body requires on a daily basis are:

  • 60 minerals
  • 16 vitamins
  • 12 essential amino acids
  • 3 essential fatty acids



Along with water and oxygen these key nutrients become the lumber and building blocks for a brand new healthy cell.  Unfortunately many of our foods no longer contain these building blocks. 



The nutrients that are most often missing are the minerals.  Most people do not realize that without these key minerals, even vitamins cannot be utilized by the body in an effective way.  As a result of our farming practices which use pesticides we have accidentally sterilized our topsoil.  We have killed the micro-organisms which converted the inorganic material into organic compounds, specifically the rock minerals.  Now the rock minerals cannot be uptaken (absorbed) by the plant because they are not water soluble.  



When these building blocks (minerals) are left out of our foods, we are trying to build and maintain our new cells with sticks and glue instead of good lumber and nails.



Another topic we need to address is the issue of cleansing the body, and particularly cleansing the major filters of the body.  The genius of John Anderson, the founder of Isagenix International, was to recognize that in order for the body to heal itself the stumbling blocks (harmful substances) have to be removed.   The body is constantly cleansing itself and removing harmful substances.  However, because of the environment most of us live in, and the many new chemicals in the air, food, water, and personal care items, our bodies are losing the battle and need assistance.  John Anderson recognized this and built a gentle but effective and safe cleansing technology.



One of the organs that performs over one hundred different functions for the body is the liver.  Just cleansing this organ and giving it every building block in the form of nutrition it needs, can have a major impact on the body.  



The Isagenix body system cleanse introduced to the world by John Anderson is not a medicine, nor is it a magic bullet that heals or cures anything.  What it is, is a highly concentrated food with a cleansing system to help remove the harmful substances and then deliver the ninety essential building blocks that give the body the opportunity to do its own work and repair.



One of the great side benefits of the Isagenix cleanse is that it also helps many people lose unwanted weight.  By doing so you lower the risk of becoming ill.  I am convinced that the human body has the ability to even reverse the degenerative process if given   the necessary tools.



All my personal research shows that what sets Isagenix products apart from all other major nutritional programs and products are the following:


  1. A true full-body nutritional cleanse designed to help the body remove harmful substances from not only the major filters in the body, but also the individual cells—all 60 trillion of them.  There is nothing like this out there.
  2. All of the essential necessary building blocks from mostly organic sources have been included in the formulation.  This also includes the missing organic minerals.
  3. A plant-based, live enzyme transport system.  It is the enzymes that carry the all- important nutrients into the body.
  4. A superior whey-based protein imported from New Zealand and Australia with the best amino acid profile, giving you all the essential building blocks to protect and build lean body tissue, including your heart, lungs, liver, and muscles.
  5. It is low-calorie and has a low sugar profile, making it a perfect food for burning unwanted calories stored in fat cells.  Unwanted pounds are safely lost as energy to be burned in the muscles.


In summary, Isagenix is not a medicine, nor is it a cure for any illness.  It is a superior food that supplies the body with its needs.  It is safe and doctor-recommended.  It is cost-effective and tastes great!  In my opinion Isagenix is the closest thing to a perfect food that I have found.  It is now my food of choice.



Let me share with you one of the most effective ways to utilize our 30 day cleansing program to obtain accelerated weight loss.  First thing when arising in the morning start with ½ ounce of Ionix Supreme and swishing it in your mouth for 45 to 60 seconds before swallowing.  Let it have a 15 minute head start on any other food or drink except water.


When ready, prepare your IsaLean protein shake for breakfast and simply follow direction.  Make sure to use plenty of ice as ice will help burn more calories as the body has to heat it up to body temperature.  Follow up the shake with another 8 oz. of water.  We will be drinking 10 eight ounce glasses of water throughout the day and it is best if you can put the water in a sports bottle and sip on it every 15 minutes to stay hydrated.  This will dilute any harmful substance that is being discharged from your body and help flush the garbage out of your system.  It is always best to water spaced all through the day so as not to have it just run through and then out.  Rather, it is absorbed.



Now to maximize our results we also need to make sure we are doing some low impact frequent exercise, remembering that all fat is burned in muscle cells.  The fat cells are only storage units, storing the energy, ready to release it when the muscles ask for it.  Remember, the largest muscles in the body are below the waist so 40 minutes of brisk walking is one of the best ways to increase metabolism, the rate your body burns fuel.  This will increase your weight loss.  The key with exercise is to keep it consistent as your liver will develop the habit of sending most of any extra calories that you may have eaten directly to muscle cells to be burned in your next walk and not to the storage units called fat cells.  It takes 30 days to train the liver.  This is why an active person does not tend to put on extra pounds, even when they overeat, whereas an inactive person will have all the extra calories sent to be stored in fat cells.  So let’s exercise on a consistent basis—40 minutes every other day, minimum.



Now it is lunch time.  When choosing your own foods for lunch it is suggested to stay under 600 calories.  If you want to stay under 500 calories, the extra 100 calories a day will often show up with big results.  We need to realize we are not starving the body-- this is not a 30 day fast.  We are feeding the body everything it needs to be healthy and have energy.  We just leave out the high sugars and calories.



Make sure your mid-meals are loaded with vegetables, salads with low salad dressings (lemon juice is the best).  Cucumbers, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, celery and raw almonds are great.  Set up extra vegetable platters in your frig for snacking on during shake days.  Clean out your cupboards of any sugars or high carbohydrate foods such as potato chips, cookies, doughnuts, pre-sweetened cereal, chocolate and other candies.  Eliminate all drinks with caffeine or carbonation for best results.  Simply remove the temptation and replace with good, healthy foods.



Dinner will be another IsaLean shake.  If someone feels they are still very hungry, the best alternative is to add one more half or even whole shake during the day.



Build a support team before starting your program by inviting three to five personal friends to do the cleanse program with you.  Those that won’t join, ask for their support to help you stay on task by giving encouragement as you check in each week with them.



Now simply continue following the directions in your Program Guide.  As a special note, many people will want to do a nine day program within a 30 day program to really accelerate weight loss.  Always remember to do at least two pre-cleanse days, preferably four, before starting your juice cleanse days.



Special notes for juice cleanse days—To make your cleansing experience more enjoyable prepare in advance to have the celery, organic apple, and/or cucumber standing by to add to the all-important Snacks when needed.  This will help maintain a good blood sugar level and help reduce cravings.




Remember to always consult with your physician when starting any new exercise or nutritional program.




Watch "Are You Toxic?" Video: (12 mins)



Here is a description of the Isagenix Best Selling Programs: 9-day and the 30-day approach:  






Days 1 and 2:  


- Mix 4 ounces of the mineral drink with 8 ounces of cold water 4 times a day.  

- Take an accelerator capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.  

- Eat up to six of the special snacks as needed to curb hunger.  

- Drink a minimum of eight 8 oz glasses of filtered or purified water. 


Days 3 thru 7:


- Replace two meals, preferably breakfast and dinner, with an IsaLean Shake.

- Eat one healthy meal of 400-600 calories for your third meal.

- Take one accelerator capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.

- Eat up to six of the special snacks as needed to curb hunger.

- Drink a minimum of eight 8-oz glasses of filtered or purified water. 


Days 8 and 9:


- Repeat what you did on days 1 and 2.







Day 1


- Do a 1-day cleanse as described for days 1 and 2 above. 


Days 2 thru 7  


- Replace one meal with the IsaLean shake.  

- Eat two healthy meals of approximately 400 calories each.  

- Take one accelerator capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.  

- Eat up to six Snacks if needed to curb appetite.  

- Drink a minimum of eight 8 oz glasses of water. 


Day 8  


- Repeat what you did on Day 1. 


Days 9 thru 14  


- Repeat what you did on Days 2 thru 7. 



Etc.  Just keep doing a 1 day cleanse followed by six days of meal replacement.  



Exercising during this period will enhance your results considerably. While it is not required, it is highly recommended. If you have not been exercising you may want to start by just taking a short walk of 10 to 20 minutes – whatever is comfortable to you. You will want to gradually increase this by 5 minutes a week until you are able to walk for 45 minutes. Try doing this 4 or more days per week. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Nutrition--photo updates

I am going to give a BIG confession here. Before Isagenix, I would eat pretty good all day and then totally cave at night. I wondered why I wasn't having success with my program. 

I also thought I would never, ever, ever get to what would be my perfect body because that certainly only happens to super models and people who are deprived and never indulge. 

I'm not to my perfect body, I may not get there without some plastic surgery because gravity and gaining and losing 65+ lbs after 5 kids, is tough on a body. I will tell you, that I'm closer than I've ever been in 15 years. 

What is the difference? 

I'm free from my sugar and soda addictions. That is it. It's that simple.,and it's not that I never indulge, BUT, because I don't have to indulge as often because my body has been released from those cravings. It's a nice place to be. It's also super nice to see the results I've been wanting. Yes, I'm still on my way there, but I'm happy about what I see. 

All the fitness mags are right. It's about nutrition. None of us eat 100% Perfect every day. But having shakes ensures that my body is getting everything it needs throughout the day in terms of fuel . I eat healthy snacks, and I feed my family a nutritious balanced meal. I love love love this lifestyle I've found. It makes me incredibly happy! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

From losing weight to athletic performance

As most of you know, I have spent the last 1.5 years losing weight. The first 9 months of that journey was me vs. the scale. Fighting tooth and nail for every.single.pound. You know the feeling. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows the feeling!! I lost 40.  The next 5 months, I gained and lost the SAME 5 POUNDS!! I would bounce from 221-228 trying to drop below that 221 mark was the most frustrating thing I have ever done. I had given up actually, that I was ever going to make it to that point. 

The reason we bounce around and can't get past a certain point is because of the toxicity in our bodies. And is best explained by this little chart right here. 

What I didn't know, is that toxicity was causing me to fail. What I also didn't know, is that there was an effective way for me to rid my body of toxins effectively. Once I did that, the weight started coming off RAPIDLY! So rapidly, I don't fight with the scale anymore. I don't even LOOK at the scale anymore! I used to stand on it once a day! And now it's MAYBE once a week. Just so I can report my losses for all of you who are watching! I officially hit 60 lbs lost this week at 206!! 

The thing I REALLY didn't understand, is that Isagenix would transition from a Weightloss tool, into an athletic muscle building tool. 

We use grade 7 un- denatured protein. Highest level of protein on the market. Here's a little article about WHY undenatured protein is the best for you.

It's taken me a while to figure out its NOT just the protein that makes you feel so great! It's the SYSTEM! I'll be honest! I tried Isagenix 5 years ago! Was I "sold"? Obviously not, because I never started selling it! It wasn't until I started using the entire system that I realized what a great tool for health I had found, and at that point, I couldn't help but share.

When my friends send me pictures like this, 

It is even MORE motivating!! This system helped Danica with a condition that was embarrassing and frustrating when I see results like this is motivates me EVEN MORE!!

Now that I am almost to my Weightloss goal, my goal has changed to more of a fitness goal, and I am simply in the best shape of my life. My goal has gone from losing weight to SEEING ABS. Never in my life have a had visible abs, but I think that's gonna be my new goal! 

I saw this on our athletes page and because many of are not on my coaching pages, I will just copy and paste it here. This is from the athletes page and describes what each component in our system does for you when you are training! 

By Kjersti Cote

If a Crossfitter is interested in getting rid of that "puffy layer" that's hiding all of the hard earned muscle and striation, then Isagenix is the answer.
Cleaning and the dense nutrition Isagenix supplements offer are a must for any athlete. The results that our professional athletes are getting from our product systems are hands down undeniable.
For an athlete to have products that are not refined, yet full of raw nutrients shipped in from various regions of the world and carefully placed into a container for convenience, is what they've been waiting for.
The thing is, is that it's a mental game with WODs and athletes when it comes to cleansing. One might think taking off 2 days in a row to deep cleanse would set them back but it doesn't. 2-day cleanses allows the body to massively dejunk, which is important for athletes as they have more toxic byproduct from workouts and muscle shedding, plus the increased exposure to environmental pollutants, plus the increased amount of oxidative stress.
Cleansing not only addresses the above mentioned, but cleansing house, allowing the body to absorb nutrients better for faster recovery and better results.
Day 2 in a 2-day cleanse is the magical day, more deep cleansing is accomplished plus hgh is at it's highest which is critical for youthful aging and a stellar physique.
A Crossfitters dream regime is---------
Paleo meals
Eating every 2 hours
2-3 IsaLean shakes each day-
-1 of those shakes 30 minutes post WOD no exceptions.
-Remember our IsaLean is a "zone Paleo" shake- 40-30-30 whereas the IsaLean Pro is modified for more protein, a must for guys!
AEDP with B-
-Each omega soft gel is equal to 12 other soft gels on the market and is huge for internal lubing and a natural anti-inflammitory
-Mass amounts of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress
-Product B to increase vitality and youthfulness- athletes are PR'ing with just Prod B like never before
-2-4 oz per day-Major contributor to increased stamina, energy and performance
Nightly CFL-
-Daily dejunking like a light house dusting. Great for pre-competition.
9-day deep cleanse-
-When they feel it's time deep cleansing
-Minimum every 3 months
-Great for post competition
Mutli Enzyme Complex-
-For all Paleo cooked meals
Greens and IsaFruits-
-Helps oxygenate the body better
-Again, needed antioxidants without all the sugar
-Cold pressed and extracted
the e+
-Depending on the crossfitter

I love that! De-junking your body is the secret! Especially to unveiling abs! Everyday I'm grateful that I started this system. I am surprised as everyone else that I've turned into a "health nut" so to speak, but I didn't know what I was missing. I DIDN'T KNOW that you could feel great everyday!! I DIDN'T KNOW that you could combat disease and fatigue from the inside out. It's a great great feeling! 

I love this video by this sports nutritionist. I love this program because it's easy, simple, and produces great results. I love it!! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ah-Ha Moment

I knew the products were good. REALLY good. I knew that I have had amazing results, and I knew that everyone should use them because they are perfectly formulated for our bodies, but tonight, I had an ah-ha moment as I was listening to a call. It wasn't even a live call, but a rebroadcast of a call with John Anderson. The master formulator of our product. He described the entire system and how he came upon the formulations of this product and why and how it makes a difference in our bodies. Amazing information. However, these are just my notes. So, here is an unscientific version of a very scientific talk mixed with my own discoveries and applications. They are just my personal notes, so, be kind. :)

John has formulated OVER 2500 different PRODUCTS!!!! For 600 companies! He is truly truly a MASTER. He had retired when he formulated Isagenix, but loved loved loved formulating products and came up with some combinations of ingredients that he wanted to run in a clinical trial to see results. 

John says he believes in God and believes that people are gifted with certain knowledge and skill sets to share with the world. WOW. This was an ah ha moment for me, because this is something that I already believe! I know there are people who come to this earth with special gifts, and they are charged with their ability to share.  I could NOT agree more. Some people just have a gift. And this is his gift.

He formulated the SYSTEM and shared with a handful of people and felt COMPELLED to share after the results of a test group they tried. Over time, he learned what each single ingredient could do on its own. Ashwaganda (it is an ingredient in our cleanse for life)  is an adaptogen found in Nepal and is not always taken singly in its native region. It is taken collectively with other nutrients and together, they interact and are enhanced. He knew during the conception that he needed to find ingredients that are used synergistically.

John said the silver bullet doesn't exist. These properties and minerals, and nutrients need  to be used in CONJUNCTION with each OTHER! (This makes total sense to me because I used the product before and just used the shakes and did NOT have the same results) It's the SYSTEM.

They started with a discussion on CLEANSE FOR LIFE, which is a cleansing system we use to enhance weight loss results. THIS IS NOT A POOP CLEANSE! It is a cellular level cleanse with a very specific purpose.  The true way to shed the pounds the proper way is to cleanse the body and rest the body and reduce caloric intake and mineralize the body and give it a rest and put the body in a mild ketosis in order to let the body burn the fatty tissue as energy. THAT is where you release the heavy metals and reduce toxins in your body. Cleansing the body and ridding the body of unwanted toxins into a better state of well being. Tn the cleanse for life detox drink, there are over 70 RARE elements, minerals in an organic form extracted from plant life. If you just scooped up dirt and crushed things up, you would not be able to digest them. PLANTS serve a huge purpose on this earth. The roots are like the umbilical cord and get the rich minerals from the earth and extract the fine particles of minerals and trace minerals and put it into the plants! That is what humans need.

What impressed me the most is that he knows exactly the importance of minerals. Rare earth elements from plant life. No one else has the quality and balance that we have because John has been a master of it his entire career of formulating over 2500 products. He has even gained a label. The Mineral Man. 

The base of all those minerals, nutrients, and phytonutrients,  will enrich the body. Minerals and trace minerals contributes to 95% of all of your bodies functions! (He said that TWICE! So, it must be important) Early pioneers were looking for early forms of vitamins, but they didn't know they needed minerals and trace minerals to enhance absorption. You cannot get maximum absorption of these minerals and nutrients unless they are all working synergysitcally. 
For example, synergy of botanicas in cleanse for life, that would help flush the body of toxins. The heart of the Aloe Vera plant the inner heart fillet acted as the best most aggressive cleanses to the body. Using all of these vitamins and minerals help the body to rest and expel the bad things in the body.

During our 48 hour cleanse for life intermittent fast, you are doing two things.  You are giving your body a rest, but you are also flooding your system with vital nutrients that your body needs. In order to have the most success, you have to go through the first 24 hours and go to ketosis to uncover a lot of the toxins. So, you have to do 48 hour in order for best results. The second 24 hours is extremely important is DEEP CLEANSING, stirring up the body and rid the body of toxins. I can speak from my own experience that at this point of ketosis, I am not usually hungry and my body is doing its own work to heal itself. Drinking the cleanse for life drink during this experience allows your body to target the fatty areas of the body and break those down metabolizing them for fuel.  There has to be glucose present during the cleanse so that your brain can function, and most other cleanses are not designed this way and can do more harm to your system than good. 

Regarding strategy for using cleanse for life, some people take one to two ounces daily are having better health results one ounce in the morning one ounce at night. However, this should not replace a 48 hour cleanse, but enhance it for best results. If you have been drinking once ounce of cleanse for life in the morning and evening daily,  your 48 hour cleanse will be more effective and unveil even more hard metals, and toxins in the body and release them during that time. Neither method should replace the other. You should be doing both. 

If you want to maintain optimal health, you should be consuming this daily. 

What happens if people just do the one day cleanse once a week? Is it still beneficial? Yes, you do. it works mildly. It is not as aggressive. You are detoxifying. People DO lose weight doing that, but it takes longer and is not as aggressive.

Side note: this was an interesting conversation for me, because ever since Jaxon was diagnosed with Autism, I have tried to do everything I can to keep our toxicity level in our home to a minimum. I use natural oils to clean my home. I use all natural products to wash dishes, and do my best to make sure our plastics are safe etc. Obviously our world is more toxic than it ever has been before. Never before in the history of this world has this world been as toxic to our systems as it is now, and we have to do things on a daily basis to combat that. He mentioned that EVERYTHING is an epidemic now! EVERYTHING! ADD, ADHD, Obesity. They are all at epidemic proportions because people do not do enough on a daily basis to ensure their health, and this will. 

John then moved on to the ISALEAN SHAKE. He immediately went to one of the reasons that I personally think our shake is the best, and that is because we have all the enzymes that are needed to digest the the amino acids and digest them. Our body needs to make these long protein strands into smaller peptides, and it is generally unable to do so by itself. So, having these digestive enzymes helps our bodies to breakdown these proteins and use them completely in the body. Nit Not only that, but they have had to go out of the country to find the best grass fed cattle that eat the best diets in the most clean atmosphere on this planet. They do no injections, no hormones.

That protein is carefully extracted and the amino acid profile is different than the whey protein that you get in the US. The LONG CHAIN amino acids in the great protein we have can become a problem unless your body can break down into peptides. Your body has to unlink them. They put the exact right amount of enzymes to break it down. Because of this, you need to  DRINK your shake WITHIN 5 MINUTES! And because of this as well, we get super fast utilization of the protein in the shake. 

Regarding the use of Fructose! He says he gets thousands of emails asking why he didn't use a different type of sweetener.  There is a purpose for having a good sweetener. Fructose is very pure, it still has the minerals and integrity intact. When you have a meal, if you have all protein and very little fat, it is going to throw the body into a tailspin and you need a BALANCE of carbohydrate/protein/and fat. He completely disagrees with Atkins for this reason. It's dangerous for the body.

If we take it out, it will not convert the fructose to glucose. The brain is only fueled by GLUCOSE. Stevia DOES NOT DO THE SAME THING,  It does not break down into GLUCOSE.

Glucose is NOT the enemy. He is VERY aware of candida. But the brain needs GLUCOSE, and if you are cleansing the body and giving it all the nutrients it needs it will be a better machine and naturally fight off excess yeast over growth.

Plants are very similar to humans. If you expose a plant to phosphate fertilizer, that crop will be unhealthy. It's own immune system will be lower. Whereas if you give a plant a very natural diet of microbial units in the soil with organic materials it will be so healthy it will ward off the insects itself You cannot feed the body an unbalanced diet of the immune system will not work.

He has visited personally all of the growers that we use. He knows how they treat and harvest. He has seen the diets of the cattle and has seen all of the processes of the cheese and whey protein. Spent many years selecting growers, and producers. They always visit and audit their suppliers. Many many many companies NEVER audit their product. For the quality and extent that is in this product and the health benefits there is no one in this world that would object to the price point of these products.


He explained why there are so many juices on the market! It is a good idea!  They do have some health benefits. It will help a lot of conditions and help with nutritional needs, but the combination is not going to create the same thing that this system will create. It is one of the most singular powerful products that we have. He spend a week with 50 phd's and learned about the (Used a word dibizolophopirone) loaded with nutrients and it will enter the body and into the blood stream. It is a miracle cell because it will swell up and those pours becomes larger and it dumps off off its cargo of trace minerals and nutrients and then you have a cell of a sponge, it will circulate through the blood stream and it will attract heavy metals and dump them out of your system. WOW! That is CRAZY TALK! Because heavy metals are a huge issue for kids with autism. My brain is going to explode. He really did not know that the CFL would have such a huge impact in people's lives. 75 years ago there probably was not a need for this program in everyone's life, but we no longer have those options. We need to ward off toxins, and this is the best way to do it.  Isagenix is offering health ASSURANCE instead of INSURANCE. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you got this far! I am exhausted just from listening and retyping it all! I hope this will provide useful information for all of you! Let me know if you have questions! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Protein Powder-Why it matters.

I was at the gym the other day and two guys were standing around a machine talking about protein powder. It went like this, "Yeah man, whey protein is definitely better." Guy number 2, "Yeah, ya think?" Guy number 1, "Yeah definitely." Compelling huh!!! That really did happen and as I was listening I wanted to jump in there and be like, WAIT!! There's an even BETTER OPTION!! Un-denatured whey protein!  Un denatured whey doesn't go through that "cooking" process that other whey protein goes through. When whey protein goes through that process it kills the essential vitamins, nutrients and branch chain amino acids that help our bodies and muscles perform better and recover more efficiently! I can't remember the last time I was sore after a work out! Weird? NO! Because I use un denatured whey protein! 

Isagenix uses un denatured whey protein in all of their products, and they have several to choose from. Their isalean shake, which is actually a meal replacement shake with a full panel of vitamins and minerals as well as branch chain amino acids, and 24 grams of protein in each serving. 

They also have their ISApro shake. A straight up protein powder that does the job for pre-or post work out. That extra protein boost needed to build lean muscle mass and see the effects!! I cannot TELL you the difference I have seen in my work outs with Isagenix! I work out less, and have better results! When I first started working out, I used Shakeology. Shakeology does have a good panel of vitamins and minerals, but here's the straight up truth. Shakeology is not a full meal replacement at only 160 calories. Also, it didn't WORK! I've seen much more success with this product. As a matter of fact, I was on a 5 month plateau when I was using Shakeology.

You can google all over the place regarding shakes and meal replacements but the truth is, any reviewer is not going to have the full story on the Isagenix shake. This review:

Put Isagenix in their top three and it probably would have been number one if they would have taken into consideration two things, our member pricing, and the fact that we have ZERO ARTIFICIAL ingredients, the truth is, the industry is juuuust fine with adding fake sugars to keep calorie count down. Here is where Isagenix departs from the rest. We use REAL NATURAL SUGAR. Fructose. Derived from beet sugar to sweeten our shakes. Why no fake sugar? Because fake sugar still makes your body respond the same way as processed sugar. And the whole Isagenix system is designed to get you off the sugar roller coaster. Of course this looks bad to a "shake reviewer" but it totally makes sense if you're trying to clean your system up! 

Back to un denatured whey protein. Here's a few facts to consider. 

And of course personal results. 

The most distinct change is if you look at my trapezoid and my left shoulder muscles. Complete change in definition. That's just one month of Isagenix. And I LOVE IT!